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The Alkaline Diets

The Alkaline Diet? Is it because of alkaline minerals, or is it something else?

By replacing acidic foods with alkaline foods, proponents say that alkaline diets can help improve health, prevent disease, and lose weight by adjusting the body’s acidity to alkaline.

50% is correct, and 50% is incorrect.

Eating alkaline fruits, vegetables, and legumes can cause weight loss and lower urine acidity. But it doesn’t affect body pH.

Since this diet is primarily fruits and vegetables, it may benefit your health. This is because a diet centered on vegetables or fruits is a nutrient source for intestinal lactic acid bacteria. A small amount of hydrogen is generated in these intestinal lactic acid bacteria decomposing fibers and vegetables. Hydrogen generated here is evenly distributed throughout the body, improving health and preventing diseases.

In other words, this effect is not caused by alkaline pH.
Still, alkaline minerals are abundant in vegetables, and the hydrogen generated in decomposing these plant fibers cures diet and disease.

Then, what role does alkaline water play?
Of course, it is basic common sense that alkaline minerals benefit the human body, so it is not worth discussing further.
Alkaline water is also electrolyzed in making alkaline water rather than alkaline minerals, and a trace amount of hydrogen is generated in this process. And the hydrogen generated in this way helps prevent and treat diseases.

However, drinking water containing hydrogen to treat diseases is not practical, but it is effective only when hydrogen concentrations are at least 800 ppb.

Then, the question arises as to whether more than 800ppb of hydrogen is generated with the alkaline water ionizer, but it is possible with water.

For example, you can make alkaline water with a pH of 11 or more than pH 12. However, even if you make strong alkaline water with high hydrogen concentration and drink it, it is a problem whether it is harmful to the human body.

I am very pessimistic about this and limit the WHO recommended maximum pH for drinking water to 9.5.

It destroys cells if you drink strong alkaline water to drink more than 800ppb of hydrogen water. So, when tomatoes are immersed in strongly alkaline water, the epidermal cells of the tomatoes are destroyed, the pigment is released, and the plant leaves are discolored yellow and burned.

Then you might be wondering what the alternative is.
It’s surprisingly straightforward.
I recommend often drinking alkaline water with a pH of 9.5 or less pH as an alternative.
If you want to drink alkaline water to treat diseases, you can expect good results by drinking at least 3 liters with a pH of 9.5 or less every day.